Friday, August 1, 2008

Just Another Normal Day


Don't be confused by the title. I asked Petra yesterday what the festivities were going to be and she said "nothing, just another normal day". There's Petra for you. We've been hanging up lanterns on roof tops and stringing them across the grounds with brooms the entire morning! We've been setting off fireworks and taking loads of pictures! We've been playing swiss music and making duct taped CH and + shirts! I've never been somewhere for their celebration of independence and wanted so strongly to actually BE of that nationality, and actually BE so proud!
Michele has been showing us how to throw off stink color bombs!

It's not just the mountains here that give me a warm soup for my heart to stand in, it's the people. The women with their smart faces, thin lips, and short boy hair cuts, their dyed red on brown hair, and their small diamond nose pierces, their stocky figured and small teeth, how Petra always looks like she's ready to explode with either complaining, love, or laughter. It's how the boys chop wood and I hang lights, and how we laugh until we knew no other sounds our mouths could make. We listen to only swiss music today.

There is a family here of three kids and a mom, they took off the last 6 months and have been traveling around Africa and Southeast Asia together. I loved it, I wanted it, I plan to do the same. They are 12, 14, and 16. What a lucky fam'!

Yesterday, we had ourselves some darn fun. Camera Nero and I went to do the Via Ferratta (Latin for Iron way) which brings you over tightropes through waterfalls and over valleys, and a giant iron bridge across an 1000 foot clip (where I want to say my vows) which was pretty scary, and past cliff faces. You are clipped on the whole time, and it takes about 3 hours. Later that night, we were all in the hot tub till 1AM telling stories in round about climbing up an old man's beard on the mountain. I also have another photo project started with another traveler. It's called: The Quickest Thing That Bonds: A photo series of objects that bring people closer.

I love my life!

I can't believe tomorrow I will be driving two guys through Europe (I'm the only one that knows how to drive stick and those of you that know me know that even that's a little bit of a joke). I can't believe I've been here for a month! I feel so accomplished: I DID IT!!! I carefully relayed all my ancient, polished kitchen knowledge to the next, "Kitchen Bitch", and packed my room, leaving spots of love in my room, for the next person to inhabit it. It does not belong to me. I own nothing. I showed him the intimacies of how to clean the stove, organize the food, and shine them floors. My job here, my time for now, is finished. There is nothing left to do. I wish I could open my ears to hear the parting words of the mountain, but last time I tried to eat dinner with it, the Creature of Truth said "go hang out with your own people, Katie." and I did :)

I can't say it's my last day, or I explode like one of those fireworks. I can say, it's my last day for awhile.

Yesterday I had a few conversations which sparked. One about how I need to put God first, and a few more about spirituality. One more about how, if I really want to write, I should go somewhere very, very, more 'out of the norm' than here. At first I was offended, but I put that advice in a very special place in me. It rings faintly true, and also has the possibility of false.

I have to say, I am afraid of the impending focus. I'm dreading how after this trip, my focus needs to be acting. acting. acting. If I'm reading something it should be a script. I don't need to be studying German, I should spend my time memorizing monologues. I've made the choice to make this commitment. To try to do little else. To really go for it. To focus this all in, I'm a little weary of it, but its the most necessary thing. :)

Dreams of V.R. Mooshe:

Lscocc Disease was following me around with a pistol, and pointing it at me an my male friends, specifically Sji Theone and an old director. It wasn't great.

the swiss husbands are leaving their wives for others in the mountains. the swiss wemon are hard pressed for men.


As I am sitting here, an accordian is playing at the bar behind me. I have just seen the most spectacular firework show of my whole entire life amongst the Swiss Alps! It is Swiss National Day and we paraded through the town of Gimmelwald with our swiss flag candle lanterns and then watched the show! Beforehand, Bruno played the accordian for us as well (Bruno, is the one I fell in love with weeks ago at the festival, and he remembered me!!!) I would TOTALLY marry for swiss heritage. "My dad was swiss, and my mom, well, she got swiss" haha. There are decorations everywhere and Michele keeps wanting to go out with me and do MORE sparklers! I have the biggest bestest family ever and you could even see the fireworks in Wengen in the shapes of rectangles and squares, and the ones here got SO close to you (not a surprise with how close the mountains are). We both love this town, does love need anything else? He doesn't believe in loving a state "because a state cannot love back" He and I are both bored by the city, I just don't know if I could deal with a husband named "Bruno"