Monday, July 28, 2008

28 days later...

Let me try to write something coherent this time around.
I have no idea what this pop culture reference relates to, but I couldn't refuse writing it as my title.
Yesterday, when I went to see the other side,
I figured I would touch the mountain, lay a hand on the side of it, but I was then confused as to what the mountain consisted of,
is it the roads, the made walls, the trees? I wanted to lay my back up against the most background cliff and then be done,
but there was none to be found. Only further.
Have I done what I have come to do?
I sat on my bench until the thunderclouds's secrets were well overheard.
And I began to understand the mountain. It is forms and shapes and turns of how the water runs past it, and a product of how wind, erosion, and time have affected it. There are parts of me which wonder if this mountain has gotten a say in any of its beauty at all. Yes, it produces magical empowerment, but does it have choice?
I watched the crevices of the mountain, and how they stem from steep drops of water, and how it levels out. How on the flat parts, more moss grows, and at the bottom, the grey concrete loose rock is from the falling of the water. I noticed how I don't really see the mountain at all, but it's parts: the over mounting cliff face, the valley and it's large river, the waterfalls, or water stains on the cliffs (depending on how dry it is). I saw these things and wondered what the mountain, itself can choose. Am I loving skin? Cabinets? I am parts, as she is. So it steals nothing from the heart, but I don't know how I feel about understanding, even nougats of it.

Apparently during Swiss National day there is a little bit of dichotomy between the locals and the hostel people (remember, when the entire hostel is full, it accounts for half of the entire town's population). Therefore, there is a bit of...tension Esther told me. Apparently, we go our separate ways. We'll see, but it's understandable. Why should they celebrate it so strongly if they are not Swiss? Well, clearly, because it is beautiful.


One of the most loving sights of the Bernese Oberland region is how the houses are perched so carefully on vertical landscape to see....the other side. When two houses are facing each other-well, it's very touching. It's like they worked so hard and so long just to be able to say "hey, I see you".


I would highly recommend a very well-done children's book called A Bell For Ursli, about a swiss boy who finally gains a very large cow bell of his own. Saw it in Wengen, a town much more commercial with more construction than farmy, "time-warp" Gimmelwald, with lots of shops.


The water, as it falls into the waterfall is scared
of death
and it shutters
little does it know it will evaporate
before even really hitting the
next level
and it
will be saved
from knowledge of death
maybe that's what its like


I met two guys here last week, and they are staying here until I do.
They are both from the states, and to be trusted.
We're going to rent a car when we leave, and take it to the boarder of France and Spain, where the Pyrenees meet the ocean.
it may deplete all savings I have, but it will be the cheapest way in a while to get to somewhere I've never been before.
I'll drive it 8 hours back before catching my plane. This part I'm not looking SO forward to, but it is more cost effectively.
A high price to pay for freedom.
A small price to pay for adventure.



I arrived on the day of my old friend's wedding (which is in fact the unfortunate truth) and Lsocc Disease was wearing a shirt he once made for me. My mom was there too, but everyone was wearing the wrong clothes. Then, a semi truck filled with highschool students which were actually paper card cut outs, crashed all into each other.
I woke up on a pull out couch with the rest of the boys, who said they wanted to take an early swim in the hot tub.