Wednesday, July 30, 2008

What I'm writing on the Wall

is the shape of what's affected
and is rarely pretty.
when it's the only option out there

welcomes notice
and does not tolerate ignore
is the choice to stand up

against what doesn't want it to exist.

If it is possible that Sahara sand sleeps atop the Alps,
and there are glaciers in Argentina...

then maybe the lion has lay down with the lamb
and no one noticed.

The whole world. every shape and soul
longs to be noticed

Tell me, How are Fog and Mountain?

are they... spooning?

If you haven't noticed, the fog and mountain are lovers
and the fog performs a rightfully sexy dance,
which the Eiger. Monch. Jungfrau
embraces into her inner valley.

The fog says
i like you
the mountain says
i like you

Sometimes, they are gone for days, eloping to create the baby,

I am not here now,
so you'll have to notice them for me

Every shape and soul


-V.R.Mooshe, with contributions from Sji Theone

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nancita said...

fog and mountain spooning i like that