Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Professional Avalance Instigator

My friends made a joke. They said my new job was to be taken up in a helicopter and laugh at the location where an avalanche was needed to release snow.
(once again, those of you who know me....will understand the truth and endearment of this statement)

when I tell people at the hostel I am writing a book of poetry, they are very supportive. Thank you for that!

Dreams of V.R. Mooshe:
I had the most amazing dream last night, in fact, it was my favorite dreams of all times! I was pregnant! I had a baby, but when I thought back to the birth, it was entirely painless, easy, and clear. It was a boy! And he was the same age as Trevor and Caydence (entirely impossible in real life) I was grateful that he could bond with his cousins in a way I couldn't bond with my brother and sister when I was young, due to the age gap. He was a love, and my favorite thing in the world. He would climb all over me as if I were a rocky mountain. He was very, very, small. And once again, clear. His father was Emiah Lighter, and he had his face, a very long human man face for a baby. Emiah didn't know that he had a son, and had just come back from the sea. I was taking care of Caydence and mine at the same time, but I lost my baby boy. I think he had fallen off the crib somewhere, but it wasn't scary, just disconcerting. I was very excited to call Emiah and say "You have a son" because then we would have a reason to be together. But then I knew he'd say "I didn't even know you were pregnant" and my honest response would have to be "I didn't either". Anyways, I woke up feeling fulfilled. The relationship between me and this child was so right.


"I wonder what it would be like to live here?"
"...what would you like to know?"

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nancita said...

you will indeed have a wonderful child among others