Sunday, July 27, 2008

Crossing Over

Today I finally did it. I saw the other side of the mountain
what we are perched on
from the side that I've spent all month admiring
it was unsettling
and unexpectedly
The valley towards Lauterbrunnen
is too much beauty to take in
and felt an awful lot like falling in love.
Made my life hungry, made everything made an odd sort of sense.

August is a rough crowd at the hostel.
The busy season ended a couple weeks ago
and so there are less people to socialize with
although I have a core group, of guys who will ride out the rave with me till the end
and then to the French Pyranees we go. To do the camino de Santiago.
A boy of 9 years old walks around cleaning up all the empty beer glasses around me.
Michele Petra's 9 year old daughter fluffs up my checks, asks if I want anything to drink, and frankly tells me how to play spoons. "It's easy" she says, and translates for her German friends
now, she teaches me how to break dance

I'm not liking the way my nose is turning out
from watching the movie, My girl
I figure it is the only thing
that's really mine
wearing my hair wet and down looks like my nipples are crying for bigger breasts.

the mountain knows a thing or two about death
and aging. I found varicose veins on my legs today
and just wishes they would be in a more interesting shape
tired of bubbling lava muscles
why can't they just burn like fire?
The creature of truth says death is the best alternative
to waste.

nothing can ever be held close enough to stay
except for my nose, who's new shape i am shunning
my mother killed her first hamster by hugging it too closely to her chest
that's how I lost my second promise
apparently I am an obsessive lover, because I decided to stay 30 days staring into the gills of the Mountain

how did you come so early and leave so soon?
how did you manage to find that cheap yellow pass
my father always said leave early before the rest
why am i wearing your socks
my chest?

let it be missed
let it be missed
enough is to plenty

why did I lie and say you were second best?
why did i leave that keep cool and dry package inside the right pocket of your vest
why did i listen so well to everyone else?

let it be missed
let it be missed
enough is to plenty

there will always be another pretty girl

Dreams of V.R. Mooshe

Shadow, the black hostel cat, attacked me.

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nancita said...

wow really liked that poem!!!!!!!!!!